Image copyright is a virtual second Earth with a grid of 5.1 trillion tiles, each 10m2, where users can purchase and trade tiles. In future phases they will be able to customize buildings for their properties and travel the globe in both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

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We invite collaboration and cooperation with other Earth 2 users and can offer Earth 2 consultation including account administration, in-game research and development, and Google Earth Pro GPS surveying.

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We also produce low-budget, high-impact promotional flyovers for guilds and megacities, tile art projects, and other locations within the game*. The videos are intended to simulate real estate drone footage for promotion and marketing. They also serve as time capsules of the early stages of Earth 2. View the SymmetryFilms Earth 2 Flyovers below.

For consultation services or a flyover video, contact:

* These videos are produced independently of Earth 2 and use of the Earth 2 platform and logo is intended to comply within fair usage. The Flyovers were produced on a MacBook Pro within Google Earth Pro and edited in Final Cut Pro. Special thanks to for the high resolution scans. SymmetryFilms is not associated with Earth 2.