Image copyright is a virtual second Earth with a grid of 5.1 trillion tiles. A burgeoning metaverse where users purchase and trade properties, collect, craft and sell jewels, collect resources and digital currency (Essence), create and sell three dimensional holobuildings, and battle in pvp.

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In future phases users will be able to journey into a replica planet Earth in both augmented reality and virtual reality. The potential is massive for a cross section of industries: education, hospitality, gaming and e-sports, music promotion, research and development, real world surveying, all geolocationally linked to planet Earth.

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SymmetryFilms has collaborated with users, guilds and megacities to produce promotional content, including flyover videos. The videos simulate real estate drone footage and serve as time capsules for the foundational stage of Earth 2: property allocation.

View the SymmetryFilms Earth 2 Flyovers below.

We invite collaboration and cooperation with other Earth 2 users and can offer Earth 2 consultation including Holobuilding design, tile art projects, account administration, resource trade (TBD), scholarship (TBD), in-game research and development, and Google Earth Pro GPS surveying.

For consultation services or media promos, contact:

* Earth 2 is not associated with SymmetryFilms.